THE WOLF, THE WILDS, AND THE WILL (Kingdom of Ealdormere History Series) (Volume 1) by Todd H. C. Fischer, Trade Paperback, 168 pages

The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a world-wide living history club with members numbering in the tens of thousands. Within the SCA there are several “kingdoms”. One of these kingdoms, made up of most of Ontario, Canada, is known as Ealdormere. The people of this kingdom, who pride themselves as being from “the northlands”, have a long and proud history. This year, the SCA turns fifty years old, and as part of the celebrations, each kingdom was asked to write a history of its lands. In Ealdormere, this task fell to the Honourable Laird Colyne Stewart (otherwise known as author Todd H. C. Fischer). Through study of earlier histories, newsletters and discussions with founding members, Colyne has compiled this chronicle featuring many acts of dedication, service, prowess, valour, and honour.

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