CARMINA EALDORMERIENSIS: 50 POEMS FOR 50 YEAR by Todd H. C. Fischer, Trade Paperback, 118 pages

In 2016, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) celebrated its 50th anniversary. This medieval reenactment group has grown from a backyard party held in the 1960s to a worldwide club with tens of thousands of members. To mark this occasion, Todd H. C. Fischer (known in the SCA as the Honourable Laird Colyne Stewart) vowed to write fifty poems in the year leading up to the anniversary. Collected in this volume are all fifty of those poems, including footnotes and, when applicable, details about the medieval genres and/or forms the poems were written in. From skaldic verse of the Vikings, to the lieds of the Minniesingers, Colyne has herein captured several aspects of life within the SCA in as period a fashion as possible.

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