Trade Paperback, 140 Pages

The OTHER Voice by K. D. Miller, available through createspace and from Stonebunny Press
The OTHER Voice is a collection of stories that hover on the threshold between innocence and corruption, secrets and revelations, sanity and madness. When evil makes an appearance, it is the kind that, in the words of W.H. Auden “shares our bed and eats at our own table.”

A young woman searches for the moral link between herself and a notorious murderess. A fatal accident destroys the innocence of a child who witnesses its aftermath. An elderly Titanic survivor has built a life of lies which threatens to collapse when the submerged wreck is discovered. A woman’s fragile sanity is shattered by a move to a socially claustrophobic rural community. These and other scenarios are guaranteed to produce Emily Dickinson’s “zero at the bone.”

The OTHER Voice is indeed a departure for author K.D. Miller, but one that reflects a lifelong attraction to the eldritch, the disturbing and the dark.
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