DEADSTOCK by Ian Rogers
Trade Paperback, 78 Pages

Deadstock by Ian Rogers, available through lulu, createspace and from Stonebunny Press
"...what happened to them is about as close to killin' as day is to night. Those steers was ripped to pieces."

No one knows who or what is killing the cattle at Groom ranch, but Sam Dryden, with his supernatural greenwood gun, and Raisy, with her ‘deck’ of knives, are determined to find out. What they discover is more horrifying than either of them ever dreamed, and the secret may be one that takes them to the grave.

Seasoned with a dash of horror and a pinch of sci-fi, Deadstock is a tasty dish just waiting to be devoured.

Deadstock is Ian Rogers’ first foray into the wilds of the Weird West.

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